Monday, June 14, 2010

Morning RUSH

Or I could have titled this:

Getting my nails packed with dirt again.
You may recall this spring, very late spring SLK tore up the pampas grass here and I planted 3 daisies shrubs. I know exactly what kind I planted but don't remember how to spell it ;)
I have to report they have struggled exceedingly. Actually only two were struggling and one gave up the battle and died. That really hurts my feelings since I think I'm pretty accomplished at growing plants. This weekend I dug up the pitiful remaining two and transplanted them into pots now in the partial shade of the patio.
See those two little damp rows. Well, after planning on purchasing a more heat tolerant shrub or two or three for this area I decided to grow something edible.

Cinderella Pumpkins
is what I determined to grow-and yes, the package says they are tasty. At least I'll give it my best shot. The package contained all of ten seeds! Now from the drawing on the front I think these look like the cute mini pumpkins you see in the grocers every fall
but do not be deceived.
These big boys get 1-2 feet across. This is a French pumpkin and the packages "says" these were the inspiration for the Cinderella pumpkin/coach. A2K grew this type last year and I LOVED them. Now I wonder how they will tolerate this Arizona heat.
After planting
I found HER.
She was BIG.
She was BLACK.
She was SHINY.
She had made an erratic web at the base of this urn. The web form plus how extremely sticky and strong the web was told me she was a WIDOW.
I carefully took my little trowel and moved the webbing away.
Didn't see anything.
The urn is heavy and I moved it just a tad. In a flash SHE was exposed and ran under the urn.
My heart beat was kicked up a notch...or ten.
I moved the urn again. Exposed HER and she hesitated.
I did not.
Let's hear it for MSK Pest Control!
Okay moms, it's safe to bring the grands over.
Cindy, I wanted you to see how fast the potato vines I planted right after you left have grown and filled in here. I just love this and it is so heat tolerant.
Heart beat back to normal.
I'll keep you posted on any other big game hunts I go on this summer.


Cindy said...

Love the vines, hope mine get full and lush like yours---if they don't drown first!! Aren't you smart to recognize a widow spider web---didn't know they were any different.
Love, C.

Julie Harward said...

Ah, you are such a killer! Can't wait to see those big beautiful pumpkins! :D

Christie K said...

I've been bitten by one of those. One less in the world is a good thing.


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