Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Since a young gal I have been a sunbather. At least until the last several years when the old age/sun spots started "decorating" my body.

Last week I bought myself sunscreen. I use sunscreen once a year and that is when I'm on Skippie and Garry's boat at Lake Billy Chinook. I also bought sunscreen to have on hand for the grands when they come over to swim. I got them a SPF 50. Mine is SPF 5. I decided to enjoy the sun poolside with Cindy and get a little color on my pale limbs...just legs actually since my arms get tanned from gardening, using my "solar" drier and walking with Kirby. I planned to continue tanning after Cindy left. I was reminded of Jody and my favorite saying as teens,

"tan fat looks better than white fat".

Sounds like teen aged girl mentality doesn't it.

The last couple of days I've been rethinking my decision. I've concluded that I have enough spots. Really!

I cruised Wally's isles and decided to bring this home.
After 3 days-

I am bronzed.
I am streak free.
I am liking it alot.
I am just using it on my legs.

So if any of you need a recommendation for a self tanner...this is it!!!


Linny said...

that's the brand I use. Even on my face, the lighter shade though. Nice choice!

Trevlyn said...

I use it too! We're must know a good thing when we see (use) it!

MarySue said...

Glad to be part of your "bronze group". Love you girls.

Dori Knight said...

Self-tanner rocks!! I'm now hooked on the Hemp Self-Tanner from Wal-Mart. My skin is uber soft, smells good, and looks pretty natural.....if I'd remember to put it on my FEET! But I'll be home tomorrow and am anxious for a REAL tan to start forming.

MarySue said...

I'm pleased as punch...all my girls commented.


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