Thursday, April 29, 2010


Most mornings I'm into checking the weather report where all my dears live and to some extent the local traffic reports. I'm a big news buff.

My dear family, my girls, sisters, sistercousin are into flower reports. Even if "some" think blogs are all about "me" and silly. "My girls" want this and I am more than happy to accommodate.

Here goes:
Cindy loves ocotillos and I spotted this pretty on my walk this morning.

Another pretty cactus blossom from the neighborhood this a.m.

My red yucca and canna's waiting for me to plant them in the backyard where the pompous grass use to be. There is also a little watermelon seedling that I'll try growing. We just may have a melon eating, seed spitting party yet.

The other side of the yard where pompous grass was also removed. I'll get these 3 euryops daisies planted.

Linny, look how big this rosemary from your wedding reception has grown. I used it when T and I made the Tuscany cookies.

This is a giant white petunia. This morning I deadheaded (removed) over 150 spent blossoms. That's sweet potato vine peeking out the bottom.

This didn't turn out very well but it's a beautiful blue Cape Plumbago. Jody loves this plant and a 1 gallon plant is being transported as I type this to her via Skippie and Garry to left this morning for their return trip to Oregon. Will so miss you dear sistercousin.

Dori's Double Delight rose. This smells delicious. She'll get to sniff it herself since she's coming home for a vacation. Yeah!

Skippie left behind this large, blooming, loaded with buds gardenia. She knows 2 have met their demise under my hand in years past though I tried my best to grow them. 2 days and it's still alive Skippie. Oh to inhale this wonderful fragrance. I remember Mom loved gardenias.
Well that's my flower report...for now. You can be sure of more. The summer-lovin' flowers need to be highlighted yet.
And remember, you don't have to read this if it bothers you. In fact, don't. And keep mean comments from my ears and heart.
Hope I don't sound testy. I'm really lovely.


Cindy said...

Wonderful pictures---thanks for the ocotillo---I got my "AZ fix" this morning!!! Love you and miss you..

MarySue said...

Love it when you comment sister!!!

Jody said...

Hey, you just tell me who leaves you nasty comments and I'll get em!! Love all your gardening pictures. All my flowers are still in the garage waiting to be planted. Hugs

MarySue said...

2 sister comments. That can "make" my day. Love you sisters.


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