Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sweets - Miss T and Tuscany Cookies

(above, gathering rosemary)
Saturday with a Grand.

Her folks went to Mesa for a wedding and Miss T spent the day with us. She gladly accompanied me to the church and helped the Relief Society sisters clean the building. Tessa was my side-kick while I vacuumed. She would disconnect the cord and move it to to a new outlet to give me more room. She'd also go ahead and scout out the areas that really needed attention.

When we got into the Primary room (children's room) I took her picture by this favorite painting of mine - of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus in the Jordan River.

I've been wanting to bake a cookie recipe for several weeks and thought T and I could do it together. I found it in BH&G April 2010. The name of the cookie definitely needs redoing...

"Rosemary-Kissed Orange Thumbprint Cookies Tuscano".

Is that not a little too much!!! Tuscany is known for it's oranges-rosemary and almonds (the recipe contains almond extract) I'm just going to refer to these as

Tuscany cookies.

Bottom line-they are winners. I'll get the recipe on KITK (Knights In The Kitchen) asap.

Here's our recipe stand with the magazine.

I'd purchased orange marmalade yesterday since that was the one ingredient I did not have on hand. It was delightful to clip fresh rosemary from the backyard and then snip it with T.

No doubt I'd have an apron on my grand!

T was terrific at rolling the dough into balls. See those little flecks of snipped rosemary!

Thumbprints filled with the orange marmalade-baked-cooled-dusted with powdered sugar. Some got a blizzard of p.sugar.

These cookies are slightly sweet and the tang of rosemary-almond extract and marmalade is dynamic.

Let me know if you try these. Wishing you joy. P.S. the comma doesn't work on the keyboard. Prepare for more ---.


Linny said...

The picture on the top with Tessa in your apron is one of the sweetest faces!!!!! Oh, I miss her.

Love you

MarySue said...

then come "home" as often as possible.

Trevlyn said...

She had such a great time with you, of course! The cookies rocked!


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