Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Here are some cell phone pics to share. Christie was kind enough to drive around the town - Danville, PA., until we re-found this street sign..Jacobs Alley. Just for you JAKE!! Cindy gave me a Sweet 100's tomato plant for my birthday so it's only reasonable that I show her how that little green plant has grown and produced. Thanks sweet CINDY. Hope and pray you're feeling better and will be able to come down this spring and eat some of these yummies.

Thanks for the Valentine Trevlyn. I love this and it adds such fun color on the patio table. Being remembered was so wonderful.
Packing for yet another trip. Heading north to visit the Utah clan. Short trip but sure to be fun. Yes, I've checked the weather and will be packing boots, coat, scarf and gloves for the snow. We have a new member of the family up there I've not met yet...yes, a dog is part of our family. That's the way I feel. Hope to share pictures with her.
Bye for now.

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