Thursday, February 18, 2010

Clever, Very Clever.

My goodness!!! I wish this cell phone photo were more clear but you will get the idea. Here's the story:

Last week Skippie and I enjoyed a casual shopping trip. Cousin Skippie found this steal - a very tarnished, silver plated buffet/chafing dish, no lid. I call it a steal at only $19.50. Much silver polish and elbow grease later plus orchard plants and moss and look at this breath-taking center piece. Well done Girl. You inspire me. Anyone else inspired??

Here's someone else that inspires me...and I don't even know her. She is an awesome cake decorator. Check her out here - The Good Apple blog. Look at the cake she made for her Cub Scout son's Blue and Gold dinner. Can you imagine how happy that boy was. I'm hoping to be inspired and inspiring. So many avenues of inspiration to travel. Happy day.

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