Friday, November 20, 2009

Out Shopping

I'm at a loss for a clever title. And I need to add a correction that it was my parents birthday, not their anniversary on my Wednesday post. Thanks Cindy for keeping me accurate. You know what an incredible week this is for food shopping don't you!!! It's especially great for finding "food storage" foods at great savings. I usually stock up on canned pineapple, green beans, corn, cranberry, canned milk and don't forget spices...all are on sale at good prices. Nuts, an extra turkey or ham for the freezer.

The lowest turkey price I found in Phx. was 37 cents per pound. What are the good deals in your neighborhood?

I bought 3 bags of potatoes, 58 cents for 5 lbs., and will store them in our chilly garage, a.k.a. the black hole. Brown and powdered sugar is also a great sale item now but thanks to Kathy's help with my food storage cubby hole I know I have over a year supply of both.

While shopping I was thrilled to find these-
And yes, you are not surprised to know I talked to the store person stocking the veggies and told him I was born in Walla2. I am Benita (Ben's daughter).

No, I have not made a minced meat pie for about 6-8 years. I always made just 1 and it was the one that was always the last to be eaten. None of us really liked it, including me but I kept making one. Silly. You can buy a can of mince filling for $7-$8. Anyone want to share a comment on mince or pies?

No, I don't care that fellow shoppers might think me silly for photographing onions and mince filling with my cell phone. It's all for you :)


go boo boo said...

I was joking when I mentioned to our Turkey Day hosts (the Bunches) that I would make a mince meat pie. They politely didn't say a thing.

Jody said...

Hey, I took all my other grocery adds to Walmart today and they lost money on me!!!! Boy did I get some smoking deals. Have a good one

Trevlyn said...

Your mincemeat a scoop of vanilla ice cream...the best!


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