Tuesday, November 24, 2009

First Sightings

Hurray, I got up close and personal with the first of the season red bucket!!!! I think I told you last year about my love for the Sal.vation Ar.my, bell ring.ers, easy way to help those in need. A good time to keep some ones in your wallet. I really hope you'll let your kiddos do a chore for which you can pay them and then let them contribute...with an explanation first of course.

Oh my, another sighting...nothing says Christmas more than going to your mailbox, finding a Christmas card with El.vis on it. Sighted this in a grocery store. May we all be spared. It did give me a chuckle though.

Sighted New Mo.on today with Dori. Better than first movie. Don't want to be a downer but there were disappointments and one pleasant surprise...I was fond of Jacob in the movie but not in the book.

Any sightings you want to share?


Amanda said...

I agree with you on the Jacob issue!

Jody said...

Everything that was in the cowboys stomach is now in a heep in the pasture. Yup, the boys went to the butcher shop today. I was at work so I said good--bye last night. Cleaning house for the company tomorrow!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Hugs


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