Thursday, November 19, 2009


Are you into forcing bulbs in the winter? I love, love flowers year round and when you have bulbs blooming indoors during winter it just brings such a bright cheeriness to a room. Cindy got me this amaryllis bulb in October when she was down to help and enjoy Linny and Jared wedding. Every time I walk into the kitchen and see it I'm truly full of appreciation with a hint of awe.
If bulbs are new to you, don't be afraid. The easy way is to go to a store-Wally's or T-and get one already pre-planted. Follow directions and enjoy. I'm ready to plant my narcissus bulbs this week for Christmas beauty and oh that aroma.

Did the flowers get your attention or did that big lid also attract you???? It's so big it jammed my pots and lids drawer under the stove and so I've had it on the counter for days not knowing where to stuff it. My organization is less than desirable. You can be sure I won't be taking a photo of the top of my refrig to post. On that note . . . go buy some bulbs. They'll make you smile.


Jody said...

Didn't even see the lid, but after you mentioned it I had to go back and look and sure enough that big old ugly lid right next to your beautiful flowers. They really grew fast! Hugs

kms said...

"No appologies."
-Julia C.


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