Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thinking of Mom. . .

. . .and Dad. Today is their anniversary (correction, it's their birthday, yes they were both born on the same day-7 years apart). I always remember it and feel grateful even though they have passed on. They are always with me. So often things will happen that remind me of them . . . and I end up smiling. Here's a cell phone pic of my nut bowl. I always bring it out from Oct. through Dec. The grands can pack away a good amount of nuts. I also recall dear friend Steve C. enjoying our nut bowl. As best I can recall we had one just like it when I was a kiddo. I favored the almonds and filberts for their ease in cracking and avoided the Brazil nuts which were and are almost impossible to crack. Unfortunately I was taught to call the Brazil nut by another name, which was derogatory and I never taught my children that offensive name. I love carrying on traditions. I hope the next generations appreciate and remember.

Wishing you fall joy. Speaking of joy, Dori shared with me to spell it this way:

J = Jesus

O = Others

Y = You

P.S. To find true joy you need to put Jesus first, Others second and self last. Many would not agree but I do. That doesn't mean You become a doormat or You don't learn, develop and grow but that You don't make it all about Yourself.

I like that. Thanks Dori.


Emily said...

I love that you think of Steve when you get your nut bowl out. I bought him some last year for some holiday, and he never even opened the wrapper, it's still sitting up in the cupboard untouched. I think he enjoyed the tradition of eating them at your house, and at our house it is just not the same. Happy holidays, MS! I'm so happy all your kids were together for the wedding. So great.

D said...
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Cindy said...

Actually dear sister, it was Mom and Dad's birthday yesterday. So glad to see your blog. Good talking to you last night. Love, Cindy

kms said...

I'm wondering if the name I was taught for Brazil nuts is the same name you were taught.

We'll talk later.

Ziegler 7 said...

Ahh the memories of the holiday seasons mine also includes a nut bowl love the mixed nuts!! love the holiday season and family traditions....having a great time making my own. Love you:)

MarySue said...

Loved your comments. Thanks soooo much.

Heather and Shaun said...

That's so funny that they have the same birthday!


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