Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Than Thrilled

I'm leaving for another trip, spending time with sweet family in Utah including but not only Holden's baptism, Dori's birthday and working on wedding plans with Linny. And I'm thrilled to leave you with this bouquet of hydrangeas. Becca was doing a photo shoot of them and when she was finished she and Megan brought them over to me. More than thrilled. I love them. Thank you for the kindness and yes, they remind me of Oregon.

Speaking of Oregon, Becca you need to visit my sister Cindy's garden and take a look at her hydrangeas.
Hard not to be one of my favorite flowers.
Everywhere we drove we saw these big bushes of gorgeous flowers and I oohed and aahed every time...just like fireworks on Independence Day.

1 comment:

Grapefruit said...

Your sister's flowers are incredible! I can't believe I paid $$$ for three stems when she has a whole bush out front. Those Oregonians don't know how good they have it!


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