Friday, August 14, 2009

Utah Trip News

It's been a great trip. Sorry I can't share photos but will do when I get home.
*Holden's baptism. It was a great service and so many family members from both sides to give love and support. It was a privilege to be in attendance.
*Attending church with family in Utah. Love the Sabbath.
*Dori bringing a big box of freshly picked peaches to eat and cook with.
*Lot's of time to work on wedding plans and checking much off the list of to-dos.
*Supporting Holden at swim team practice.
*Supporting Owen at tennis lessons.
*Watching Penelope twirl around in the tutu I brought her.
*Playing endless games of Fish, Old Maid and Uno with the boys.
*Giving back rubs to the boys after prayers and when they've popped in bed.
*Singing bedtime songs with Dori to Penelope.
*Watching the grands play in the fountains at the Gateway with the Olympic announcement/music accompanying.
*Watering the families garden and eating the luscious tomatoes.
*BYU, Museum of Art, Harris Fine Arts and THE BOOKSTORE.
*Rain today and wonderful thunder.

Hope you're all well.

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Rachel said...

It was so fun to be with you and enjoy some of these things!


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