Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good Sabbath

Please let me introduce you to my friend Nell. I see her every week at church and I look forward to that. She has a fantastic sense of humor, quick witted. Lives on her own. Has great old stories, really great ones. I think she is about 96 years old. When you've lived that long I think you can't help but have great stories. As we were chatting in church today she was saying getting around is not getting any easier. We talked of the "golden years" being lead years. Then she told me this:
"If I would have known then what I know now, I would have learned a lot more from my mother".
I knew I wanted to share that with you right then and there. Thanks Shari from snapping this cell phone photo after Sacrament meeting.
( I really thought I looked good for church today but this photo is definately telling me something different. Could it be my mirror?)


Anonymous said...

You hush MarySue... you look great! love you

Shelbey said...

That's why we love her! She's wise, with a pinch of feisty! I'm grateful to have her as my grandma to learn from :)

stacey said...

Longtime lurker here...but she is one of my favorite people! She is the best grandma! I feel very lucky to be her granddaughter.
Stacey (carlson)

MarySue said...

Wow, I never knew you Carlson girls even knew my blog existed. Welcome and feel free to comment anytime. And I love you grandma too.


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