Thursday, July 2, 2009

What A Life Of Blessings

Showing respect to Cindy I will now say yesterday was really hot for Oregon. Yesterday I was going to let Hayden run through the sprinkler but Jody got home from work and topped that with her homemade slip and slide. Hayden had a ball on it. Smart use of some black plastic and a sprinkler!!!Our wonderful news today is that Hanna is doing very well and being discharged from the hospital!!! We are rejoicing and giving thanks abundantly.

Jesse called today and I got an even more complete, detailed version of him hitting the black bear on his return trip from New York. Wow, what a story. I think this may become a family legend.

I'm headed off today to an electronics store and see if a new cable might enable me to upload photos. So many pictures I want to share with you.

Second breakfast, in honor of all my hobbit readers, was picking and eating raspberries in the garden. That's a hard one to beat unless I also had a gallon of Beavercreek fresh milk with 3 inches of heavy cream floated to the top to spoon over the berries. Oh the good old days.

Yesterday my dear Arizona friend Elder Brad Wood who is serving his mission up here and in Ben's ward (Ben is ward mission leader) came by with his companion and we had a wonderful and brief visit over fresh chocolate chip cookies. He's loving his missionary service. He will always be such a great friend to our family.

The kitchen timer is buzzing for me to put the bread in the oven so this is a good time to say bye. Wishing you happiness and love.

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