Friday, July 3, 2009

4th Preparation

Today Ben and got a trailer load of bark dust and will start his 4th of July out hauling and spreading it around the house. You may notice in the background that all the Christmas trees have been cut down since last summer. Sure looks different. I've got the cole slaw made and tomorrow Jody and I will make old fashioned chocolate cake that sticks to the roof of your mouth and fresh salsa. We are heading to Emily and Matt's in Canby for the parade, park festivities and cookout. Cindy and Roger will be with us and fun will be the result.

We ran to Costc*o this evening and I was amazed at the fireworks you can not only buy in Oregon but the price. Wow, that's a big bill for an evening with the family playing with matches.
The cole slaw recipe is at Knights In The Kitchen. I found it online and it's supposed to be like the KFC kind. I think it's pretty close so try it if that's the kind you like.


sylvia said...

we sure wish we could be there with you all.

MarySue said...

We will miss you Syl.


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