Thursday, July 2, 2009

Holding My Own

Another beautiful day in Oregon. It's in the 90's maybe even high 80's in Wilsonville and yet we are under a heat alert. Funny isn't it you Arizonans.
Here is the freshly picked bouquet Jody had in my room upon my arrival. It is such a treat to just walk around and admire the flowers and gardens. I managed to plant a couple of pots and hope it will be a good surprise for Jody when she gets home from work and then the hospital.

Speaking of hospital... Hanna is doing well though there is a lot of swelling of her eye area. She continues incredibly sweet and wanting to share everything she has...popsicles.
And here's my 7 year old side-kick Hayden. This is his morning pea pickings. We ate them outside on the front porch. Soooooo good. My camera still will not upload so I'm reduced to taking vacation photos with my cell phone.

We've manage to make focaccia today, lunch and playing at McD's and grocery shopping for tonights dinner. More plant watering, feeding the chickens and played several games of Uno Rage. I'm holding my own. Cindy and I are chatting on the phone daily with Hanna updates and planning our meals and food supplies we'll be taking to Skippie and Garry's lake house. We've just extended our stay with them by a day so this just might be too much fun. Again... I'll hold my own. 3


Trevlyn said...

You're so sweet.

Cindy said...

OK smartie---it is 4:00 and 96 here and 100 in Phoenix, it may get a couple of degrees hotter by 5 or 5:30, I think we can justifiably call this a "heat wave"!!! Just hope it cools down tonight.
Love you, Cindy

Emily W said...

Cindy-You're right, it is a heat wave and I'm glad Jody has central A/C.

Emily W said...

Oh, oh, that last comment was not from Emily but from msk.

Jody said...

Did anyone catch the name of the card game they were playing? Well, Mary Sue it happens to be Uno Attack! Not Uno Rage!!!!! Too funny, and I'm so glad you're here!


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