Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taking You Back

When the Geiss Girls II (second generation) get together at Skippie and Garry's lake house we are out in the middle of nowhere. At least that is my opinion. No electricity. No water or sewage lines. No gas lines. No telephone lines. No restaurant. No service station. Skippie and Garry share a well, have gigantic propane tanks, solor and wind generators. I love it. I wish I could be so self contained. There is a 3 bay volunteer fire station. And it is in that fire station that a few followers of Christ meet on Sunday to worship. Can you guess who provided the music. You got it, the Geiss Girls. Tammy, on the right has been the choir director in the First Christian Church in Milton-Freewater, Oregon and fills the roll of our fearless leader very well.

Here we are, able to relax and smile after the services and our singing.
L to R Cindy, me, Skippie, Jody and Tammy

Dr. Garry was asked to be the "preacher" as their regular one was away. Well done Garry.
Practicing on the deck. We sang an old hymn I Come To The Garden Alone. Jody and I were unfamiliar with it but we really did practice alot and we all finally felt comfortable.

More practicing photos.
View off the deck of Lake Billy Chinook
and of course Skippie has the
Geiss Thumb.

Our delightful photographer is Skippie's daughter Tonya and here is her equally delightful granddaughter Natasha. She was really taking in all our song practicing.

We would all try to run out on the deck a sun set and watch the last half of the sun go down. Did you know that stimulates your pineal gland (click to learn more). Aren't we so avant-garde.

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Christie K said...

I come to the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses... Seems the song was pick just for you Geiss girls.


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