Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Already In The Thick Of Things

Linny is engaged to Jared Conley for 5 whole days now and we are already in the thick of planning and executing. I'm thrilled Linny believes as I do that planning for a marriage is more important than planning for a wedding. None the less, a wedding and reception is a big deal.
I love my cell phone and it's capacity to take, send and receive pictures. I know what her ring looks like and just purchased dress. While hunting for reception "stuff" I found, photographed and sent pineapple statuettes photo to Linny for an up or down vote. She text back she loved them. They look heavy but are light weight.
And you know me well and won't be surprised that I got the pair marked down from $80 to $20. I have an idea where Linny will want to use them. Remember the urns from last summers Oregon garage sale. Well, thanks to Skippie and Garry I have the two large ones down here and Linny agreed that they'd look good at the start and end of the receiving line filled with large ferns. I love it when things come easy.


Christie K said...

I love the ring. I think it looks old fashion and beautiful!

Angela said...

She has a dress! Glad to hear it.
And can't wait to see it!


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