Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Big Picture

Today was a most fun, picture snapping day. Cindy and I took off and saw such fun and delightful places. I started by driving to Cindy's and I had to show you some of her gorgeous flowers.
And yes, hydrangeas again but just look at these...thee best in town.
Cindy has wonderful success growing just about everything even in pots like these blue berries...

...pearl cucumbers...

...and this is just a small portion of her patio of flowers.

Next we went to the cemetery where Mom is "buried".

Cindy and I had a good long chat with Mom expressing
much love and appreciation.

Jody had to work, drats, but we included her in our conversation and she provided the fresh cut bouquet.
Mom loved flowers too
and this would make her smile.

Just so you can get an idea of where this vault is in the
Rose City Cemetery,
Portland, Oregon (there's a little genealogy info for you kids).

We next went to the Beaumont district and this is SLK's old stomping grounds area. Loved this stained glass window in a darling store where I would have bought just about everything (in my dreams). I actually bought nothing but left behind some drool I think.

I have never been in a small, neighborhood grocery market like this. It was crazy good.
Not only full of grocery stuffs but the cutest decorative items. I love all the fruit displayed in the silver buckets!

We went just next door for bagels and I fell in love with this big screen door. I have wonderful memories of childhood screen doors. This is such a smart thing for the balmy northwest summer days.

As a teenager and just moved to Portland I remember SLK raving about this restaurant Amalfi's. Never went there but I take his word for it's yumminess.
We next headed off for lunch and browsing at
in Troutdale, Oregon.
I'm told the McMenamin brothers have purchased many old buildings and turned them into restaurants, hotels, theaters etc.

The Cracked Pot event was going on and it involved repurposed crafts that amazed me (I hope I haven't already use that adjective). These long strands of paper with calligraphied inspirational quotes were hung on slender bamboo polls and moved gracefully in the slight breeze.

Vineyards and brewery on site. Aren't these grapes terrific.

We ate lunch outside in one of several restaurants, just splendid weather and good to be under an umbrella.

Loved these succulents,
"hens and chicks"
growing in an old rain gutter.

Half "whiskey barrels" filled with flowers everywhere to gladden our eyes.

Great old buildings, lots of hand painting on them and this wonderful ivy covering.

And you know I couldn't pass up blooming artichokes don't you. Lots of bees a buzzing around them.

Hollyhocks that reminded Cindy and I of the ones grown on Grandpa and Grandma Geiss' farm that we would turn into ballerinas.

Apple tree and more hollyhocks.

We parked right up next to this vineyard. I just wish my pictures could give you a fuller scope of all this areas grandeur.
And you can guess that
we talked nonstop,
and smiled bunches.
A great day.
I'm of course back at Jody's now and she making an onion casserole for dinner...of course she's using Walla Walla sweets. This batch might be a bit on the rough side as there is a whole lot of tearing going on in the kitchen. I bet soon you will find the recipe on Knights In The Kitchen. Sent with love and as usual wish you were with me.


Trevlyn said...

Wow! What a post! I love seeing Grandma's "grave" and the flowers you chose for her bouquet, the stained glass and ivy covered building!

kms said...

Looks like I left Oregon too soon. How fun!

By the way... My Walla-walla onion rings turned out yummy. Not quite as good as Burgerville though.

MarySue said...

Trevlyn-You need to get up here again.
Kathy-Oregon misses you and congrats on the onion rings. I just bought a 5 lb. bag of Walla Walla sweets yesterday.


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