Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some Farewell Photos

My last day in Oregon. Always sad to leave and yet good to go home. I'm sitting at the computer with the window open, birds singing. cool breeze but they are expecting 100* by Monday. Yesterday we were able to reload Jody's china cabinet with all of her beautiful china, crystal and treasures. It sparkles and shines in its place now that it's moved back after the painting. Jody is now getting ready for her darling Sylvia and 2 grands to arrive. It's always a fun and busy home here.

Here is the photo of the onion casserole Jody made a couple of nights ago. Give me a few days and I'll get the recipe on KITK. I'm wondering if I'd like this if I couldn't make it with
Walla Walla sweets?
Cindy, does this picture help with my description?

Yesterday our dear friend
Elder Wood
and his companion Elder Porter came by for a visit. You should see how Hanna lights up with these visits. She remembers Elder Wood from last summer when he was serving in her ward in Keizer. What a wonderful coincidence that our dear Arizona friend would not only serve a mission in Oregon but in our families wards and get to know them. It's really been nice.
We were still putting the dining room back together if you noticed the background in this photo.

Christie's recipe for the chicken kabobs was a hit but my grilling skills definitely need fine tuning. Bacon wrapped chicken pieces and fresh pineapple. Next time I'll add mushrooms and zucchini. I'll also put this on KITK unless Christie beats me to it!

Can you even tell what this is!!!??? I took a photo of Jody's photo of my dad, Papa exiting his airplane. I love this photo.

Jody told me about this flower in her garden which prior to yesterday was not blooming. She told me it was beautiful....well YES it is, and that the blossoms only last one day.

Same flower in the evening. All that beauty and for only one day. She just told me there are 3 blooming today. You can bet I'll be in the garden soon and admiring another of God's wonders.

Hanna loved her card from Elder Wood of Jesus and the children. THOUGHTFUL.
Thank you Jody and Cindy for all the sister fun and love. You've really filled my bucket. Thank you Skippie and Tammy for all the cousin fun and love. These times will be pulled out of my memory bank and will put a huge smile on my face. Thank you nieces and nephew, you added much joy to this vacation. Thank you Kathy for coming up, painting, staging and playing. Now someone in AZ knows just why I love it up here so much. My heart of so very full of love, thankfulness and gratitude and appreciation. May you be blessed for all you've done for me.


Jody said...

I am always the one who is blessed the most with your visits! You have a special way of carrying me without me realizing it at the time. You are loved much, appreciated for all the goodies baked, housekeeping done, loving and caring for Hayden when we were all at the hospital with Hanna, surprises that never stopped, and all the wonderful hugs. I LOVE YOU!! You WILL be missed. Hugs

tricia said...

This is so crazy, I found your blog by looking at Angelas. MY cousin is Elder Wood. So crazy. If you see him again, tell him Tricia says "hi".

This is so crazy!!


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