Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday Trip To Fergeson's

That's Ferg.eson's Fra.grance Gardens and it was spectacular. Cindy "discovered" this nursery and told Jody about it last year. The drive there, close to St. Paul was so fun since we went by fields of grain with combines in them harvesting, gardens, orchards and just plain old country views. Great in my opinion. I just loved it.

Get a look at all the hanging baskets...and this is just a part of the selection.
Here I am chatting on the phone with Linny. Wish all my kiddos could have been with me to ooohh and aaaahh.

Lilies to delight.

This plant is called Angel Trumpet. Has to be seen in person to really appreciate.
So many colors of hydrangeas...one of my favorite flowers of all time. But I guess I have so many.
I'll be home soon and bless SLK for watering all my plants and pots. I hope they've all survived.


Trevlyn said...

Pretty! I'm glad you're in the picure to give perspective of how HUGE those hanging baskets are!

Grapefruit said...

MarySue, are you EVER coming home? C'mon already!

It's so weird you had a picture of Angel's Trumpet. I just read a picture book to Mitchell this afternoon that mentioned that flower and I had no idea what it was. See? What would I do w/o your blog to inform me of such things!

Glad you're having a great time. Get ready to come home to the heat! And do you think I could hire SLK to come water my garden too?


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