Saturday, June 6, 2009

What's The Story Morning Glory

Story 1. This is posting on Saturday but I'm composing it on Friday. I'll be in Prescott Saturday and Sunday with a group of Relief Society sisters from the singles ward. I'm told we'll be in a cabin, eating well and attending church in Prescott. Should be fun. I'm making a batch of "firecrackers" to take and share. Do you remember how addictive they are!!!

Story 2. During Friday's walk I went by this kumquat tree. I've admired it for years and after 20+ years of greeting the homeowners who are also walkers we are at a place where they invite me, plead with me to pick anytime as much as I want. Cindy, Skippie and I picked but I'm not sure if Jody and I did. Well, you can see how bountiful the crop is and at this late date the kumquats have only gotten sweeter. Much! I acturally walked just passed their house and then returned to get just a few to slice in a salad for tonight. While picking, and this tree is not by the sidewalk but up by the front steps and garage, the automatic garage door opened. I called out to them so as not to frighten them. Ed and Betty are so friendly and generous. I just wanted a few and Ed wanted to go inside and get me a bag. I just filled my two small pockets, visited and was on my way. I ended up eating 5-6 during my walk, shared 2 with the couple with the pretty desert landscape . . . you know their flowering cactus well by now. I still have enough for the salad tonight. Wish I could share with you. You do know you just pop them in your mouth and eat the whole thing don't you. A lovely little citrus flavor and the fruit is about the size of the first knuckle of your thumb. Isn't that a funny size discription.

Story 3. Here's my plate of kumquats in front of my thrifting (Goodwill) find - this lovely "coffee table" book The Taste of France. The jacket was torn but a little tape and it's more than presentable. You'll find it not on my sofa table but on a stand in the kitchen. The photos are breathtaking, the history of the food, cooking and produce of each region is outstanding. And yes, there are recipes but it is not a cook book. More travel and food history. I may get around to testing a few recipes yet. Bet my friend Becca of The Daily Grapefruit would love this and I might have to loan it to her. And where I may be intimidated by the recipes Becca would relish in them. (please click on The Daily Grapefruit and read her post 11:38 about food and motherhood...please) Yes, that's what's left of two pockets full. It was really good to nibble and share.

Story 4. About 4-5 years ago I bought a little plant at Ikea. It's label said it was an Orange Jasmine. I'd never heard of that. It's been growing on my north facing front steps and the last two years has really put out the blooms. It's gotten good sized and I will need to transplant it soon. It too is typical of a jasmine and smells heavenly.

Close up. Close enough to put your nose there but sorry no fragrance. Yesterday when Trevlyn left I asked her to stop and smell it. She's so sweet and accomodating to me. I think she thought it was heavenly too.
Let me know if you find anything at a Saturday yard sale. Hope I don't miss anything. 3


sylvia said...

it seems about right that those friendly kumquat tree owners would walk out right when you decide to help yourself to some. I think that's how it would happen to me too. :)

Trevlyn said...

If your Ikea plant goes missing, you'll know who took it!

kms said...

Loved my plate of Firecrackers you shared with me last summer!


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