Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Little Catch-Up

The Prescott trip was quick and fun. I misled you when I said we would be staying in a cabin. It was a vacation house in the pines. . . a luxury vacation home in the mountains. It was lovely in size, appointment, company, food and activity. I enjoyed the smell of the pines and that thrilling sound of the winds in the tall pines. I marveled on Sunday morning as I assessed our group of 12 adults. Two of us were married, "older" women while the rest were young singles, students and/or professionals. After a Saturday night of staying up late all were up early and ready to drive about a half hour off the mountain and into town to attend church. It was an honor to be with these women. Thanks for being included. Sorry no pics.

Tuesday evening I attended a play in an outdoor venue. DELIGHTFUL!!! Princess Rose and The Butterfly Fairies, written by Meagan and Paige, complete with costumes, props, patio decorations and lights, original music and delectable refreshments. No surprise it was standing room only with parents, friends and the girls kindergarten and first grade teachers even attended.
The cast. Friend Allan was the only boy when little brother Mitchell's stage fright took over but at age 3 I can certainly understand Mitchell's feelings.

No coaching could get Mitchell "on stage".

I love you Mitchell.

I have so much respect for Becca and the effort she puts into her children! Check out her blog - The Daily Grapefruit and see what she's been up to teaching her children in her summer school.

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Grapefruit said...

Thank you so much for coming to the play. My kids love you like part of our family and it was special to have you there. And what a great picture of Mitchell! I love that kid! (Even when he bails on his part...)


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