Friday, June 5, 2009

Roughing It Easy and China

Do you remember Dian Thomas from the Today Show many years ago. Before she was even on television I was a fan.
I had this book Roughing It Easy in my home when the kids were young. I don't think I used it enough. It's a great book and Dian is just LOADED with ideas for outdoor cooking be it camping or backyard. Great ideas to use with kids. She has several other books that also are good.

Well fast forward and see what Dian is up to. She's spent a month in China and tells about the healthy life style she witnessed of a lot of exercise, bike riding out of necessity and eating a large amount of vegetables and fruit.
Prior to going to China she was giving a talk and a member of her audience came up and told her he lived in China and started up a factory there. He and his family hired a cook "Season" and he was 25 lbs. thinner in China...which of course means he's put on 25 lbs. now that he's back eating his American style food. This man offered Dian to tour his factory and also meet his cook and get lessons from her. Below are Season and Dian at the market. Season daily buys her food stuffs from the market.
If you would like to know more, I certainly do and will be following Dian's future articles on her trip to China click on Chinese Farmer Market Key to Fresh, Delicious, and Nutritious Food

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