Thursday, June 4, 2009

In The Backyard

This is not a floral arrangement.
Sadly it is my outdoor garbage can that I haul around when I'm trimming. It was so hard to trim back my Cape Plumbago with it's beautiful, true blue flowers.

It is surviving our heat, Wednesday was 106*. It is spreading, self seeding. It is bringing me much joy. I have a lot to trim and shape up in this part of the yard. It's getting a little out of control. Okay, MUCH out of control.

Here is my pitch for Arabian Jasmine. If you can find it, buy it and plant it. I really thought I'd lost this plant after about 3 years. I've been fertilizing it and it's doing a bit better in appearance but is going wild with very aromatic blossoms. It's an exotic, almost gardenia fragrance. And yes, it survives AZ summers.

These little beauties are volunteers from last year seeds. I just love those surprises. You may also notice peeking on the left Lantana and on the right French Lavender. Keeping plants alive in our summer takes daily watering but I think it's worth it. You can find me in my backyard most mornings, in my jammies at about 6 a.m. to beat the heat. Does anyone else do their yard work in jammies? At least back yard work?

L to R: Mums, Spike and Vinca. They like catching a bit of shade from the pool slide. I want to transplant the Spike into a bigger pot and then plant around it. You can notice just a little glimps of orange in the background from the Mexican Bird of Paradise - another gorgeous flowering shrub that excells in the heat.

Just me trying to be artsy with a close-up of my Bells, water spots and all. I added some to our salad last night.
Do you want to tell me what you're enjoying in your garden/yard?

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