Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Loving Artichokes

Last week a grocery store had artichokes on sale for $1 each. They were gorgeous and huge. I bought three and now have just let them sit on the counter (on purpose), looking oh so pretty and slowing, naturally dehydrating. I think they will be great for decorating. After painting the kitchen "Rye Grass" green I was thinking of adding either avocado or lime accents. I love both but then got hooked on artichokes that have so much more texture and color variation. I still haven't shown you my framed artichoke print I got at Tai Pan Trading. Will do soon. It's on a kitchen wall now but that might not be its permanent home. Wishing you a happy day. I really do! 3


Grapefruit said...

Artichokes are so pretty, aren't they? And yummy too.

As for your comment...I'd hardly classify you as "a chubby older lady," but your comment did make me laugh! Yes! My block WAS worth that confession! :)

Trevlyn said...

Would you stop skimping on the pictures, already! ;) I seriously COVET your artichoke picture and can't believe you haven't posted it yet! The new artichoke candle holders will look super in your lovely kitchen!

go boo boo said...


Becca and fam said...

Beautiful artichokes! I love the idea of "doing" your kitchen in them, very neat idea and now I'm dying to see yourk kitchen.


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