Thursday, June 18, 2009

What The Family's Up To

It's always so fun when family shares. Here are two pictures of some of Skippie's grands at the lake house on Lake Billy Chinook. We will be having our 3rd annual Geiss Girls (cousins) retreat there in July. Skippie and Garry have been living there (and in their Gresham home and now winter in AZ) for 5 years and she is in the process of redoing her kitchen for the 3rd time. Now she can't be upset with me for saying that since she just shared it with me this morning and we got a good chuckle. She IS NOT compulsive . . . she is very creative. There. She does such a fabulous job and it is inspiring to see. I'll be sure and share it with you via photos later this summer.

Another generation of the Geiss Thumb in training!! And look at the gorgeous Mexican pot they got this winter. Skippie, it looks great.

Three of their grands in the new hot tub!
Deer fencing behind to protect from the kamikaze deer.
Look what Cindy painted!!! I know I'm supposed to wait to share until I get more photos but I just had to share at least this one childs chair. What a great job!!!! I can hardly wait to go to the shop where she sells her works and see first hand. I wish I could make the photo larger so you could appreciate all the detail.

Here's yet another attempt with my sourdough bread. I'm so thrilled that I'm now able to make bread without any commercial yeast. The sourdough starter is the leavening.
Two bowls of sourdough multifplying and one bowl of bread dough. Makes me look so industrious don't you think.
Here's the artichoke print I'm so crazy about. I'm just not crazy about where it's hanging. Expect a change in the future. Those that know my kitchen can probably tell where it is under the cabinets by the kitchen table. Not a great place.
Now to get something done for TODAY!!! 3


Trevlyn said...

Great chair, Cindy! And I think I need to beg some more sourdough start off you..?

sylvia said...

okay, I'm really going to call you about the sourdough bread when I get back home.

Grapefruit said...

Thanks again for the bread! It vanished before bed...

Have a great trip to OR.


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