Monday, June 15, 2009

This And That...

Today I'm "growing" my sourdough starter and you may just be on the receiving end of this. I hope I can remember who asked for one of my starters!!! I'm also making the San Fransisco style sourdough bread. The recipe is here, you just have to scroll down a bit to find it. Actually, the two previous post are soooo worth a look at. I highly recommend these recipes!

Now just a bit of photo catch up on last week. SLK and I joined the singles ward at Oceanside Ice rink in the east valley. One of the members of the ward plays on a club hockey team and a large group of the members turned out to support him and the team for the ward Family Home Evening activity. It was a great game, we won, our guy scored the first 4 goals and it was freezing. Even I kept a sweater on the entire time and loved it.
SLK with the help of Mark took out the remaining stump of my only shade tree. Aaahhh the sadness of lost shade by the pool but I know it was a very messy tree. So appreciate that good help Mark.They found a nest-with-egg. Trevlyn said it was probably a dove nest since they are known for making rather shabby nests and this was loose and shabby. They put it back, along with a found egg on the ground that we figured fell out. If that egg/birdie survives it will probably have shaken-birdie-syndrome.

Jake and Tessa enjoyed the overnighter. We ate out at Chile's Friday and the kids menu there is always a hit with our grands. Evening swim followed and it's always fun to swim and watch the sky turn dark and the blue pool light turn on. These photos are from Saturday morning.

Jake and Grandpa made a run to LaMar's donut shop early then both headed off to clean the church building. What a happy surprise to see how enthused a 10 year old could be to do that. A blessing all around. Here are my pool aliens.

After tree removal and swim came the big move. Linny's old, huge, metal, heavy office desk was moved to Jake's room/house. I think Jake's best find was a small bottle of men's cologne in the desk drawer. It was still good and he's loving it. My best find was a tin of King Leo peppermint sticks. Yes, they were still good too. I didn't need them now did I!!

Here's Jake, the desk and the just painted room. They are fast workers! How fun to have Aunt Linny's hand-me-down desk and Aunt Dori's hand-me-down pole lamp. What treasures.
Wishing you a happy Monday. 3


kms said...

You make me laugh.

Trevlyn said...

I take full credit for the "shaken-birdie-syndrom" line! ;)

kms said...

Trev- Invite me to your blog!


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