Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'll Give The Sign

I'm in the final week prior to my OREGON vacation. There are a lot of emails going back and forth regarding plans and happenings. One big happening and it has a date change is our dear Mandy's daughter Hanna will be having her surgery on July 1st. I mention it so we can all be united in prayer in her behalf.

One thing I notice often in my travels is the service men and women in the airports. I know I've shared this before but I just love it so much I'm sharing again. You can be sure if I see any service personal I will show my thanks.
It is not about politics.
It is about service.
It is about gratitude.

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Jody said...

Thank You Dear for the heads up on my Hanna. This is no surgery you want to go into without your name put on as many prayer rolls as you can get them on! The knife attack starts at 1:30pm Wed July 1st. We will surely call upon the Lord for a special priesthood blessing for success and no set back. Can't wait to give you a hug! Love ya


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