Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This And That...

Can I be brief???? Attempting. Saturday evening great swim and barbecue at Bishop Bagley's. Beautiful remodeled kitchen, well done Sh'ree, and delightful friends with which to visit. Sunday, Father's Day was a lovely church day and I always look forward to the children singing "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home". After my ward meetings were over I ran to the singles ward and partook of their Munch and Mingle and SLK's good lesson. All that was topped with a delicious Low Country Boil and family fun at the Nally's that evening. Monday the AZ grands and Trevlyn were here for a mid morning swim and Barro's pizza for lunch. Barro's is such a family tradition. Love having the grands here. Wish, wish more lived closer!!! Today, Tuesday is cloudy, so far and it made Kirby and my walk so much more comfortable. I'm taking sister-friend Kendra M to a doctor appointment. This beautiful lady lives with M.S. and in spite of that has the best outlook and beautiful smile. Her dear husband is our ward scout leader and has all the boys from the ward at camp this week so it is a privilege to step in for him and help Kindra. When I posted about what the family was up to I forgot to add the photo of Dori's garden. I just LOVE when the next generation carries on the traditions. I hear Andy and Annette's corn is as high as an elephants thigh :) Happy wishes to all.
Half of Dori's garden. Well done Girl!!!

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