Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ready Or Not Here I Come

I leave for OREGON today!!! Jody reports that the raspberries are "on" and she knows where she can find me in the mornings. I was mostly packed yesterday and silly me has spent the morning transplanting flowers and consolidating plants to make it easier on SLK while I'm gone. He does his best with ALL the watering that is a must during our summers. I hope he and Kirby enjoy their peaceful time together along with the tomatoes, Bell peps and zucchini. Yesterday Kirby came upstairs and sniffed my suitcase. He always seems to get mopie when he sees luggage and I am sure he knows I am leaving. After sniffing it he went downstairs, retrieved one of his favorite toys and brought it upstairs and dropped it in my suitcase. I almost cried.

Remember these artichokes I bought 2 weeks ago to dry and use as decorations. Well, they have sat on the kitchen counter, drying nicely and have even opened up. They are very brittle and I was thinking what a success they were.
Can you imaging my SHOCK when 2 out of 3 bloomed!!! They are GORGEOUS. There is all this soft, vibrant blue "stuff" in the centers. Have any of you ever seen anything like this? I'm amazed, thrilled and loving it. That's me.
This photo is from my cell phone. My camera won't upload photos to my computer so who knows what pictures I might be able to share from Oregon. I won't be blogging as much but hope to communicate a few times. I may try posting on Facebook so the grand boys and I will be connected. If we're not friends yet on Facebook just add me. I do want to be your friend.
Please remember our darling little Hanna in your prayers as tomorrow is her surgery. Love and thanks.


Trevlyn said...

Your artichokes are AMAZING! Who knew?!? Have a great time and we'll give Kirby extra loves when we swing by for swimming! Love ya!

Allison said...

I had no idea that artichokes even bloomed!


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