Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello Monday

Just reporting in so certain family members that are dearly loved won't fret over no new post. I'm stretching here since I don't have much to share. This photo of a biplane weather vane is cool since it reflects back on our childhood home in Nez Perce, Idaho, our crop duster dad and a similar weather vane on our home. Thought you'd enjoy it.
Off to do errands, especially visiting Dr. Greg and getting some allergy med for scratching Kirby.

Oh I could tell you I tried to put up another (2nd) match stick shade outside my East facing kitchen window. It's extremely rocky and uneven there but with shade, hammer and nails I hauled the ladder around (hitting Kirby, ouch) and wasn't successful which surprised me. Only a small fall and no damage. I'll try again. What I was successful at was finding a nest of ants and my poor ankle is still smarting from a couple of bites. Nasty little things. I sprayed them . . . so there.

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