Tuesday, June 2, 2009

With A Little Help From My Friend

Thanks to SLK last evening the match stick roller shade was installed outside the East side of the bay window. It filters about 50% of the morning sun and yet we still have a view. The view is into our neighbors yard so maybe they appreciate a little more privacy. Notice also my wooden bowl of red Bell peps. We munch on them raw and I'm also chopping them and adding them to many other things. Once they turn red they have a much sweeter and mellower flavor. My small attempt at AZ summer gardening.

I told you, I think I did, that Dori and I made a quick trip to Tai Pan Trading after we got her kitchen and living room unpacked and set up. I found this little "silk" potted cherry tomato plant. Just the color I wanted to add to the KMS shelf.
On the left is my custom created Mother's Day card by artist daughter Linny. My plan is to get it in a square frame. Would you like to chime in here and recommend a frame color. I also found a small creamer, cherry red with large white poka dots (is that polka?) on it at Ross. I carried it around in my cart and then put it back thinking I could just use my "transfer ware" creamer I found at Goodwill. I wonder if I go back to Ross if the cherry red one will still be there.

Close up of my cute little cherry tomato plant. I think it is really cute and I'm enjoying it.
I am a fan of Tia Pan Trading and have been told that the next one to be built will be in AZ. I hope that's correct. They started in Utah and are now in California. Click here to get an oh too tiny peek into this store. Wishing you a happy day.


Pam said...

So pretty!

TaiPan reminds me of Kirkland's.

MarySue said...

Pam-Tell me about Kirkland's. Is it local?

Amanda said...

Hmm I think a white weathered frame would look cute!


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