Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Working For A Happy Day

Yippeeee, clouds this morning and that made Kirby and my walk much more comfortable. When I walked outside at 6:30 a.m. the thermometer registed 85* already. I think that's a record high for a low. You followed that didn't you? What a difference clouds make and I'm loving it. Here are a couple of poor quality cell phone pics of gorgeous cactus flowers I saw on my walk.

Sorry the images are so blurry. These cactus are really tiny with gigantic blooms.

Last night we hosted the singles ward Relief Society Visiting Teacher's workshop in our home. Twelve young ladies showed up and it was well worth their time. The presidency put on a really good program and gave helpful ideas. They wove scriptures pertaining to "milk and honey" into their theme and then had coordinating refreshments. There were HUGE homemade rolls with butter and honey, milk and homemade baklava of course heavy with honey. These young gals can really bake. I'm so impressed with these young R.S. sister's who put time into serving one another and all the work they put into the church. I could tell some were exhausted after a long day at work and yet they showed up. I'll pray they will be blessed.

Remember when I showed you the wire basket I got at the antique store? Well while there I also saw an incredible marble topped island. We gals ooooohed and aaaahed over it but Lori's husband Perry was the man of action and went and bought it for her for Mother's Day. Check Lori's blog here for photos of it and the quilt she's also piecing. We ran into this talented Lori and 2 of her beautiful and talented daughter's at Macayo's this week. I'm feeling very thankful for such friends that share love and friendship that bless my life. Wishing you a happy day. Worth working for. 3


Nancy said...

Mary Sue! I'm excited for you to be heading to Portland for the summer, that has to be better than hot AZ, I love the winters in AZ, but I agree that Portland would be a fun summer place. We had such a good time, there is so many beautiful blooms there right now. And I love your shutter shelf, so cute and what a great picture of the family all crisp and white. Everyone looks beautiful.

Jody said...

OHHHHHH, those flowers are huge and beautiful on those cactus! They are almost unreal. Thanks for sharing-hugs


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