Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kitchen Counter Lamps

Here's the counter without the giant, 30 year old microwave and with the new little lamp I found at Bi*g Lot*s last evening. I've always loved the pineapple symbolism so this was a real easy choice. And shouldn't we choose a lamp when the patio shades aren't available??? Well no, but I have no buyer's remorse. Again, the wall color is soooo faded in my photos. There is nothing pale or minty about it in real life.
Another angle, obviously. And yes, I could put those black and white plates away but I'm doing the "staging" thing in my limited way. Go ahead and laugh. I have broad shoulders. That's another story.

Close up. And what is the symbolism of the pineapple you ask. When the sea captains returned home after a long voyage (especially from a tropical location) they would bring back pineapples and even impale them on their gate posts to signal that they were home and welcoming visitor. Thus, a symbol of WELCOME. There, now you know if you didn't previously. Please feel welcomed in our home! I'll admit to always being stymied by electrical cords. Any advice dear ones?

Here's the nook where I piled, stacked my cook books. Now my tiered basket reigns and holds produce. This counter lamp is from dear friend Claudia who was doing a remodel and didn't want it anymore. You know the saying one woman's trash is another woman's treasure. I've had it about a year and appreciate it daily. Thanks Claudia.
Now I have to be real here and tell you that all the rest of this room is cluttered at best. The cook books and a ton more are piled on the dining room table. My real challenge is determining what to part with and how and where to store the keepers. If you know me, you know that really is a challenge for me. Oh well, I'm blessed and happy. Wishing you the same.


lori said...

Marysue that looks awesome! The basket is divine and I love your little lamp. I had such a good time yesterday! Love you tons

Trevlyn said...

Super cute!!! Can't wait to see it today!!!

D said...

The kitchen looks awesome!! Keep up the good work and let's hit up Tai Pan for some of those fake/real artichokes in a few weeks.

kms said...

Looking good (wich is always followed up by a...), Mr. Kot-ter!

Jody said...

WOW, you'll be on the cover of Home Beautiful in no time at all!!Love all your hard work, looks great! Hugs


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