Friday, May 29, 2009

To And From

Here's a little pictoral of our jiffy Utah trip. We were delighted to have clouds and rain most of the way. I think being a desert dweller brings out my love of rain. By the time we got to Page the road was covered in a mudslide and we had to wait half an hour as the big machinery cleared the road.

View right out my window of the beautiful, red, muddy water.

I didn't take moving photos . . . cuz I was too busy moving and unpacking. We were so thankful for Andy's help and the four of us got it done with just one trip from the old to the new place. I will say Dori has an awesome three bedroom townhouse, cute little backyard and patio and she's already planted multiple tomatoe plants (including heirlooms), crookneck squash, basil, rosemary and a peony. Maybe more but that's all I remember. After unloading the fully packed trailer we took off to an Argentine restaurant for empanadas.
Dori aka Tia Dori plays checkers with the Utah boy grands.

The A2K's plus Linny and Jared drove up to Heber with us to visit D.O. and the Evans'. Their kind neighbor saddled up this beautiful Quarter Horse named Rocket and many gave him a "test drive". He was gentle, beautiful and I am still a horse lover!
Here's Linny


and Annette with Penelope.

The grandpa and great grandpa huddled under blankets and watched from a distance. It was good getting to visit with SLK's 87 year old father D.O.
On the way home to AZ we made our traditional stop at the Cache Valley Dairy in Beaver for a break and their mighty fine cheese curds. Oh the many family memories of stops there. Are you also a cheese curd fancier? We love them. Well, most of us do in the fam.

On the south side of Beaver is this old, old abandoned house. We've always loved it, noticed it and photographed it. I call it Trevlyn's house but can't remember why. This was just a quickie shot through a window as we drove pass.

Aaaahhhh, heavenly lilacs in Panguitch. Everywhere. Giant bushes. Hedges. And no stopping to smell. Oh for a huge bouquet of them on my kitchen table but my Arizona zone it too hot for growing lilacs. We did get to check out Linny's fantastic old S.L.C. Victorian she lives in and there were a couple faded lilacs on the bush and I did get a decent smell. So fun to see Linny's little space in this carved up mansion into apts.

We had clouds, rain and sprinkles on and off. I love all the red rock around Kanab. And by the way, I have never stopped at the Moiq Cave. Did I spell that correctly? Have any of you stopped? Just what is inside anyway. Maybe some day.

Well, it is Friday, my traditional day to vacuum, dust and clean bathrooms. There is not as much clutter now that we are empty nesters but the square footage to vacuum remains the same as does bathrooms to clean. I actually have more to dust now days. No complaints. I give thanks daily for my home. Off to clean.

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Trevlyn said...

GREAT POST!!! The picture of you with the horse is beautiful! And you call that my house because I've always loved and taken pictures of it!!! Old pioneer home!


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