Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm Hooooooooome

What a fun, fast and memory maker trip to Utah. I'll be sharing photos soon. I really like Utah and being with family. The best.

And by the way, couldn't I tote around some small grands in this fun bike. Yikes but that would be fun . . . when it cools down a tad. Look over there to the left . . . see it? If you click on the Madsen logo thingie you too can have a chance to win. If you win and I don't, will you let me take a spin on your bike. Wishing you a terrific day and an attitude to accomplish just that. 3


Trevlyn said...

Those are AWESOME! I've seen the add over at NIE NIE's...thanks for sharing! I'll give you rides if I win!

Jody said...

Don't have to worry about me winning your bike as I have no set up that they want me to put it on. Oh well, it would have been fun!


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