Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My New Love

I've loved artichokes since Mom cooked them for our family when I was a girl. I was surprised as an adult to learn that they are usually served with melted (drawn) butter. We dipped ours in good old mayonnaise then did the scrapie thing between our teeth. Call me unsophisticated but I still prefer mayo. Do you cook artichokes. I always think it's good to introduce many new and different foods to children while they're young.

Aren't these beauties!!! Sweet Leslie B. asked me at church Sunday if I liked artichokes to which I replied yes. She said Greg (thee best vet in all of Arizona - maybe the world) was growing so many and she'd share.

Well, her boys did the "ring and run" thing last night and this delightful basket of four artichokes ended up on my porch. I'm so taken by their color and form. Maybe this new green kitchen has really taken hold of me. I think I'll be on the hunt for very real looking artificial artichokes to keep in my kitchen year round. THANK YOU DEAR LESLIE & COMPANY.
Today was such a treat as I gathered with 5 other friends, much my junior, and we took lunch into our dear friend Myra and saw her delightful home. She and James moved from our area several years ago...just the two of them. And now they are in the process of adopting baby number 6. They are such angels. Love you Myrna!!! You deserve great, great blessings for all the love you are extending to those darling children.

On the way home Kathy was driving, had us in total control and forced us to stop at one of her favorite antique stores. Right, no forcing necessary. I purchased a decorative plate and an oval, wire basket. I didn't know where I'd use it but knew it was cute and a deal. I asked Lori V. and Sue G. and yes, Kathy who doesn't seem too tired of me dragging her into my home to come inside and give me any decorating ideas. Thanks Lori for the obvious. . . artichokes in the wire basket.
Tonight I ran to Big Lo*ts to check out their outdoor, roll up shades. I want one for the east end of my patio to give me some shade from the morning sun. They didn't have the size I wanted but I did come home with a cute little lamp that is now by the basket of artichokes. This is the counter where the gargantuan 30 year old microwave WAS. I just can't put it back there and am trying out different locations. I'd really like a built in over the stove but that won't be happening so I'm seeing what will work out. It's fun moving things around. The kitchen still isn't back in shape and I don't know how long I'll be without window coverings. I'm not like the makeover room shows where everything is done in 24 hours. That's okay too. I'll share photos eventually. Maybe tomorrow I'll snap one of the new little lamp. I really like lamps on kitchen counters. Hoping for sweet dreams.

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