Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good Sabbath

I wanted to share with you 6 new FHE lessons I have added to my side bar. I'd love to know if any of you young mom's and dad's are finding these helpful. The power in the home is great if we will tap into it and use it for good on a daily basis. It does take work and thought but aren't our children so worth it!!

Here are a few messy, very messy, sneak views of the kitchen painting job that happened yesterday. This is just the first coat and most of the cutting-in is done. Won't Kathy be surprised when she arrives in the morning to help me paint.
But then I am the beginner and her surprise may be of another variety.
We'll see.
The plan at this point is to extend this same color - Rye Grass - down into the family room.
Once again I have to say that none of these photos accurately portray the why do I bother sharing inaccuraties. Well, it gives you an idea of what's happening.

Now I've decided I do need to paint inside the window sills.


D said...

I'm proud of ypu for trying so many fun new things with the house; the pictures are greatly appeciated as I try to visualize the projects. Love our little chats and idea sharing. Can't wait to actually see it.

MarySue said...

D-Thanks so much and I feel that you've been right along beside me through our calls. Love!

Trevlyn said...


Anonymous said...

OK Leonardo...I'm soooooo proud of you. Now keep painting and keep posting! Think you'd feel up to painting out that red bedroom of mine when you visit the lake? You know, I'm a little tired of it and you are doing such good work. Thought it would be a WONDERFUL way for you to spend a relaxing day or two!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha! I can hear you laughing clear up here.
Love ya, miss ya...Skippie

sylvia said...

look at you getting paint-happy! It's fun to see a home become more colorful and re-vamped.


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