Saturday, May 2, 2009

And Now The Kitchen

Just the start and yet we have started. SLK painted a base coat over the stenciled trim - I know, about time to get rid of that. Actually, it was time to get rid of it as soon as the paint was dry. You can see the green sample paint that I'm excited to get on the walls.
Thankfully Kathy and John came over last night and John's muscle added to SLK's enabled us to get the refrig moved away from the wall. Wish I didn't have to put the microwave back on the counter. I love all that counter space. Maybe I'll start saving for a new one. The fact that this current one is older than Dori tells you something. Okay, what does it tell YOU?Closer view of the green sample - Rye Grass, Behrs.

I really tried very hard to measure and space the plates well. I can see flaws but for now they're staying put.

Cindy, here is the new silk fern I told you about. It was just what I was looking for to put in this blue pot I've had for several years. And I got my inspiration from . . .

Eddie Ross's blog. His display dining room is much more elaborate than mine but I adapted the idea to work with what I have. I like his decorating and the fact that so much comes from flea markets and thrift shops. That's where I get much of my stuff too along with garage sales and hotel liquidations etc.. Check out more of his ideas here.


Cindy said...

Way to go, Sue. I love it all. I can tell the green really looks good in the kitchen. Keep up the good work!!! XXX C.

Amy said...

I LOVE the green. Seriously, LOVE it! When you are all done I have to come over and see your colorful house. TH ewalls have been white as long as I can remember. And I have known you a long time. I think it all looks great!

D said...

You know what I'm thinking....babmoo roman shades in the kitchen (they're cheap @ Target). Tie in the brown with the kitchen chairs and a great way to get rid of those white shades.

Love the green

D said...

Bamboo roman shades would be even better ;)

MarySue said...

Cindy-your encouragement has been such a help. Love and thanks.
Amy-Welcome for an in-person visit always.
D-I started telling others I wanted bamboo blinds/window treatment a couple of weeks ago. We're on the same path.

pam said...

All the new decorating touches and new furnishings look great. Way to go!


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