Thursday, April 30, 2009


After a wonderful week Jody flew home yesterday, Wednesday. The gardener she is...we had to get another suitcase for her just to get all her plants, lemons and grapefruit home. She returned with a gallon plumbago, 6 pack of mixed vinca and numerous Calla lilies. When we attended the Mesa Temple we passed by the gardening/maintenance building and Jody noticed the "free Calla lilies" sign. We gratefully lightened their load of freebies. And on our way to visit Kathy she told us of her neighborhood garage sale Saturday and we scored with an American Tourister hard side, large suitcase for . . . drum roll please . . . $4.00. I always go through family withdrawal and this time is no different. Thanks for the fun visit Jody.

This morning Skippie brought to my attention (via long distant call - she's gone home too) that I had told her I got kitchen chairs at the killer furniture, clearance sale and yet did not blog about them. I took pictures today and here they are. Please remember that the trusty, old, heavy, solid wood table that all 6 wonderful kiddos were raised around, fed from, did homework on, Cub Scouts met around, etc. will be sanded the painted black soon.

I'm very happy with the chairs. I'm actually fond of that table and all the good memories it holds for me. And I think I'll just take this opportunity to thank Mom for teaching my sister's and me to set a "proper" table or at least the best with what we had and in the correct manner. What a great, great mom I/we have.


kms said...

Loving the black and white dishes.

Wouldn't those chairs look good against a green wall?

MarySue said...

Kathy-you are just too clever!!!! What day next week do you want to help me paint that green???!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new chairs. They look great. And so glad to see that we are all set for dinner? What are we serving? Never mind, I'll be right over no matter what!!!
Love, Skippie

MarySue said...

Skippie-I could just send pictures of the chairs and table but had to do at least a minimal staging.
KMS-thanks to you and John for help with moving the refrig last night so we can begin the kitchen painting!!!!


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