Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

It was a gorgeous day in the valley of the sun for our Easter celebration. I was privileged to speak in the singles ward Sacrament meeting which is still a scary thing for me yet the study and preparation end up making it a blessing. One of my favorites parts of the day is singing the hymns that deal with our Savior's resurrection. Glorious music is so inspiring. We didn't have our family dinner until evening so all the grandsons could be with us.
We traditionally have Saturday as "Bunny Day" thus enabling us to focus on Christ for Easter. Since our grandsons were with their other parents we had an egg hunt after Sunday dinner. I will admit to enjoying watching them very much. We hid about 12 dozen candy filled eggs so all got a good share. I loved that the boys wanted their little sister to get a head start...all of 30 seconds was all they could stand.

We had robot eggs-
camo eggs-
scripture message eggs-

glow-in-the-dark eggs-

farm animals and bright, swirly eggs-

Now for counting the eggs
and retrieving the candy
Feeling grateful and blessed.


Trevlyn said...

So cute! We had a fab time! Muchas gracias! Now, do I pirate all your photos or just link?

CK said...

Looks like a great time!!

D said...

Oh how I love and miss my kiddos. I wish I could have been there but am so glad you and Trev keep me somewhat satisfied with pictures (it's just not the same without them physically around).

Remember the year Maggie jumped on the table and ate the Hershey's Kisses while we were at church? :)

MarySue said...

D-Yes I remember that event and the colorful doggie poop in the backyard the nest day.


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