Friday, March 20, 2009

Warm Cocoon

Leisurely morning with family, flowers and trusty dog.
Lunch at Macayo's - killer Baja sauce on green corn tamale and chili relleno.
Shopping for authentic zori's - found at Wal*greens.
Deals at Ross.
Two more paint samples from Home De*pot.
Painting sample patches. I think I've found thee one. Warm Cocoon.
Loving Cindy's eye for design and color. Great talent and she so freely shares.
Me greatly appreciative.
The best left-overs for dinner on the patio.
Citrus blossoms entertaining my nose.
Windows open and cool breeze.
Feeling very thankful!


D said...

Just googled Warm Cocoon.

MarySue said...

D-No, it's a warm gold.

Trevlyn said...

I think you formatted that blog in a fancy haiku-ish type of poem.

D said...

Okay good....what I saw reminded me of a Florida Retirement Community. You scared me!


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