Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My Three Musketeers and I thoroughly enjoyed a day at the Desert Botanical Gardens and the accompanying Chihuly: Nature of Glass collection on display throughout the gardens. It was so very much more than I ever expected. Highly recommend you go online and get your reservations (a must, you can't just show up and get in).

Cindy and Skippie admiring.
Amen to this sign.

Skippie, Cindy, me and Garry.

Scorpion Tail's - in glass of course.

Skippie and Garry

Already forgot the name of this cactus "tree" boo something. Just amazing. Maybe Boojum. Anyone, anyone.

Garry with "slice" of a dried up saguaro.

A row boat full of blown glass balls. That just might be a little bunny in the background. We saw squirrels, a bunny, hummers and many other birds and bees.

Trevlyn's friend and our wonderful guide "Docent" Jackie. Very knowledgeable, fun and patient with us while we constantly pulled out our cameras. Jackie is holding a cactus boot. This is the inside nest in a cactus.
Garry was a butterfly magnet in the Butterfly House.

Sorry for the blurrrrrr.

Luna moth on the shade cloth ceiling.

Butterfly world's Cindy, Sue and Jode.

Loved this Crested Saguaro

We see you Garry.
This is the prime time for the desert annuals but the heat will yet bring on most of the cactus blossoms.


Jody said...

Wow, I love it!! I am a great fan of this artist. Ben has a beautiful book of his works. So glad you had some great memory makers! Hugs

Becca and fam said...

We went there a few months ago and loved it, the glass is amazing! Your pictures were great and enjoyable to look at, thanks!

Angela said...

Love Chiully! Too bad I'm not living in AZ anymore. Thanks for all the pictures.


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