Saturday, March 7, 2009

Stinker Puzzle

Tomorrow is that "springy" day when almost all of you change time but not me in AZ - we never change. My brain is trying to get ready so I know when I can call you and not wake you up. The Pennsylvania family will be 3 hours ahead of me. The Utah family will be one hour ahead of me. The Oregon family will be on the same time as AZ. I hope I can keep that straight. . . for 6 months at least and then the "falling" back change. It can be a bit of a puzzle at times.

Speaking of puzzles!!!! I've been diligently watching of my patch that I planted with zucchini seeds last week and wondering when they would finally break through the surface. To my delight I noticed two peeking up early this morning. Now the puzzle and heartbreak, later I found them with the first leaves chopped off. Some critter is on the loose. Now to replant. Isn't that a stinker.

What are you doing on your Saturday and what's your weather like?

1 comment:

Jody said...

Now if you were in Oregon I would say "SLUGS" where's the salt shaker!!!! love ya


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