Thursday, March 5, 2009

Check These Out

Needing a little more discipline here!! I have way too many blogs I peek in on. Let me share. . . will I feel better if I get you hooked?

The first one I found a long time ago and have been fasinated with it. She is currently featuring recipes from the Depression and WWII-frugal and just plain cheap and tastey. I can't put them on Knight's In The Kitchen since the rule there is only adding recipes we have actually made. None the less I think you'll like The Hillbilly Housewife .

This next one I was lead to via Becky C.'s blog and find it SMART. She features healthy food that tastes good along with ingredient wisdom and kitchen equipment - Hey, Good Lookin' Whatcha Got Cookin'? I think I'll be making some chicken and barley soup real soon.

And today I'm drooling over the Provence Home at Cote De Texas. I love to get decorating ideas even if I might not be able to execute them. Drooling is putting it mildly; a french country home in Texas no less.

I enjoyed getting my hair cut at Lori's house this week by my stylist Heather. I got to see Lori's garden up close and personal after seeing her blog pics. She has every reason to be so happy over it and her sweet dad that put it all together for her! We started talking blogs and I told them I'd share the two cooking blogs above with them and then got to thinking I'd share them here with whoever came by my blog.

Speaking of my little blog, KMS asked me this week how many "hits" I get daily on my blog and I told her about 20. . . boy many of you are the strong SILENT type. It's okay to comment. Who are you in Denver that visit anyway? Well, enough on blogs. I have Skippie and Garry's little girl (dog) Abbie for 2 nights and a day while they take Oregon family on the Grand Canyon railroad excursion. This has been fun for Kirby and me but now it's time to go outside where the dogs will sniff the grass and I'll sniff the citrus blossoms. Wishing you all a happy day.

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