Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Tuesday was such a simple, trivial day but TotAlLy FuN! After getting Cindy from the airport she and I went to grocery stores, laughed, Big Lots, laughed, through a new $3 car wash, laughed, fixed our corned beef and cabbage dinner, laughed, ate outside, inhaled and exclaimed over the intoxicating citrus infused air, laughed when she asked me if she would need a jacket for outside dinner. Sat on the bed and chatted, shared and listened. Pretty hard to beat sister love.

Wednesday started with deadheading flowers, walking with Kirby, Cindy and I visiting outside and again inhaling, oohing over annuals, watering, cleaning up and then Skippie arrived and we took off for a day of whatever we wanted. We didn't fit nearly as much in as semi-planned but it couldn't have been better: picking cumquat's from a friends heavy laden tree, wandering but not purchasing at Furniture Affair, finding the Creighton Christian Church where Grandpa and Grandma G. attended, lunch at Rubio's. . .my favorite fish tacos, cruising around Arcadia High, old homes on Osborn and Mitchell, an endless time in Scottsdale at an old, favorite store that's been around since at least my young childhood and many other store with gorgeous jewelry and treasures. Mexican Imports might not seem like much but it is a treasure of goodies.

Growing up in north Scottsdale as a kid was great. It really was a western town and home for us. Boy has it changed. It's good to see many of the old favs still around. What fun.

We managed to get home in time to fix a Low Country Boil for dinner. Another perfect night for outside eating, great family gathering and memories shared and created hopefully. Just wish you were all here. Love and goodnight. I'm pooped.

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