Tuesday, March 17, 2009


There have been some fun things going on here-last Saturday, after a wonderful opportunity to clean the church building for Sundays stake conference, I drove my good friend Kay home and we stopped along the way a 4 garage sales. I found an adorable half chair for Tessa, and pair of earrings for me (at $1 who could pass them up) and wished I could have purchase the patio table and chairs I saw. What is it with me and patio tables.

Sunday was a great conference and then SLK and I spent time visiting with David G. (and wife Carmen) who is in a rehab facility recouping from his broken hip. Visiting the sick and shut-ins is such an important thing to me. We all end up feeling better afterward.

Monday was another great day at the Mesa Cannery and I was on the "line" that canned dried refried bean flakes. I wanted a lightweight food since the old arthritis is flaring a bit. I was able to bring home 8 cases of winter white wheat and 2 cases of white flour...you know that unhealthy stuff that I also want to have on hand. Working at the cannery and adding to my food storage always makes me so happy. Thanks to Bob W. for driving our little group and the loading and unloading of many heavy boxes. I am grateful.

I'm in a bit of a hurry to finished some housework and making ready my "guest" room for my wonderful sister Cindy who arrives from cold Oregon in 2 hours. What a treat it will be to have her here. We are going to be adding to our smile wrinkles big time.

I can't wait to make some corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread. It's getting really warm here but I think we can still eat outside. Happy day wishes.


Trevlyn said...

Your Irish Soda Bread is the BEST!!!!

kms said...

btw... marshmallows were a BIG hit.

sylvia said...

you're so good at garage-saling. Please send our love to Aunt Cindy. It's too bad Jody couldn't be there also.


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