Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flabbergasted . . .

. . . and that's putting it mildly. I came home to find this gorgeous basket of flowering plants as a thank you from dear friend Nancy R. It's really extreme in it's size and beauty.
But don't get me wrong.
I greatly appreciate it though it's more than I deserve.

I look at it from every side and direction with admiration multiple times a day.

I'm trying to take such good care of it so it will last the maximum.

I don't think it's expected to send a thank you for the thank you've been given - so I hope this is appropriate. Thanks Nancy. I'm just loving these flowers/plants and it's just a testament to your kind and generous heart. With love.


Vickie said...

Dear Mary Sue,
What beautiful flowers! You should be able to put you Kalonchoes in the ground and enjoy them for years. You probably know that. I felt sunshine from your blog today. Thanks.
Lori V's. little sis

MarySue said...

Vickie-thanks for the visit and comment. I feel I'm getting to know you through Lori's darling blog. I always welcome gardening tips!

kms said...

I seem to be following Vickie around blogdom. Where will she go next?

Beautiful flowers!


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