Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sewing / Relief Society

I really like this photo of some old, wooden spools of thread I picked up at a garage sale several months ago. I love them. They are such a good memory from my childhood. I still have a couple of wooden spools of green thread I used to sew my Girl Scout badges on my sash.
This week our Relief Society met to sew lap robes for seniors at a care center that don't have much. I toted Mom's little, black Singer to church and was thankful for such a trusty, portable machine. It was such an easy project to do, fun to visit with the sister's while sewing and knowing it will keep chilly knees warm is gratifying. That little machine got some good attention too. It brought back fun memories for others. Good friend and knowledgeable seamstress Virginia helped me patch part of my fabric to make a large enough piece for a second robe. I love that I learn much from my sister's and Relief Society.


Ziegler 7 said...

I agree I am so grateful for the things I learned in RS. My mom does not sew or can so I learned those things from other women. What she did teach me is to love the VT program and to love RS. When I was still young she was the RS pres and she would take me to some of her visits. As a preteen I did not like it but now that I've come to my sences I am so grateful for that.
I love to Sew and can and that is from amazing women like you!! Thanks!!

MarySue said...

Oh Myrna-I so look up to you and can learn much from you. You are one of the most talented and giving woman I know. Thanks for the comment!! Happy day.


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